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AFTER THE SHOW: Wrist Monster

What's NEW about Murphy? Sam hasn't noticed, but it's distracting Jodi. 🤣 Want to hear more? The App that Murphy's putting on his kid's phone that's freaking them out. Got an early look at Super Bowl commercials with Michael Buble and the Backstreet Boys Something in...

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Murphy & Jodi butt heads in the kitchen, again. Is this normal? 🤷‍♂️🤦‍♀ Want to hear more? How to have a more affordable Valentine's Day this year. We're going to be talking to the most important woman in Sam's life - his mom who will be on the 40 yard line of a...

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AFTER THE SHOW: What we’re Binging now

What show is Murphy refusing watch with Jodi?     Want to hear more?   Why now is the right time to go thrift shopping. Which drive thru's have secret menu items for dogs. How you've been affected by a show about tidying up. When you follow the podcast on iTunes or...

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