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Jodi’s Famous Pumpkin Bread

Hollywood Outsider: New Prince Music

Why Murphy & Jodi’s daughter doesn’t want to ride with Jodi.

Game Day Grub 2018

New Reads in the Not So Serious Book Club!

Holly Clegg’s Cancer Diagnosis

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AFTER THE SHOW: Lawnmower Parents

Helicopter Parent Much? Who's guilty of it? 😘 🚁💖     Want to hear more?   Sam's having trouble getting his kids to Homecoming There's a new breed of parent out there. Are you one of them? The bearded dragons still need food and that means still ordering insects in the...

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AFTER THE SHOW: Driving Instruction

Why Murphy & Jodi’s daughter doesn’t want to ride with Jodi – much at all.   Sorry Mom!   Want to hear more? There's something very "This is Us" like coming to the box office. Fun and Games Friday: Finish that movie quote! Chevy Chase and Betty White in the spotlight....

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AFTER THE SHOW: Tech Troubles

Why Jodi needs all of Murphy's passwords -- and other stuff our Grandparents never had to worry about. Want to hear more? More about a couple that got engaged at the Emmy's. Got to let you know about something that Sam got in the mail from an anonymous fan. Looking...

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Producer's Mailbag 📩

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