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Is Jodi still mad at Murphy? Sam digs in. 😯 Want to hear more? Something that Murphy and Jodi asked their daughter to do for them a favor that maybe they shouldn't have asked for. Also it's another Grateful Friday! Let us know about the little a big things you are...

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Why does Jodi have to "prepare" Murphy for the mother in law visit? 🤣     Want to hear more? Disney wants to give you a break from putting the little ones to bed (and you don't have to go to a park to do it). Tomorrow is going to be the most "palendromic" day ever!...

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AFTER THE SHOW: Phobias for All

Elevators, bridges, heights - oh my! Who has the most irrational fear? Murphy, Sam or Jodi?     Want to hear more? We want to hear more of your greatest ever customer service experiences! Which pets you can kiss and the ones you don't want to touch (according to the...

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AFTER THE SHOW: A French Connection

Where Jodi NEVER wants to go with Murphy and Sam. 🤦‍♀   Want to hear more? We'll tell you how Game of Thrones still plans to be the biggest thing ever on HBO even though it's over! The most clever trick the working mom can use at on the family to give herself a...

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