Hey kids – Email Santa!

Hey kids – Email Santa!

Hey kids!  Santa will be here all week visiting with Murphy, Sam and Jodi, so send your letters in to him and we’ll read them on the show!


13 Responses to “Hey kids – Email Santa!”

  1. I want a kurio kids tablet can you please get it for me.

  2. nana fin says:

    hi Santa,

    could you remind children to be good to each other? the boy or girl who is not good in sports or cannot learn as fast as others, gets their feelings hurt when others make fun of them or always pick them last for a team.

    every child is different…but every child is special. thanks

  3. katerina says:

    Hi santa my little siter would like a barbie doll for christmas my other little would like a lalaloopsy and i would like a american girl i mostly like kit love katerina

  4. katerina says:

    Dear santa my little siter would like a barbie doll my other little siter would like a lalaloopsy i would like a american doll i love kit but any one will do

  5. Sherylle says:

    Dear Santa
    I would like to have a happy Christmas, but the only problem is that I will be alone again for this Christmas. I would like somebody to invite me over for Christmas dinner.

  6. Me says:

    Santa, Can you get me a date for New Year’s Eve? Is that so hard to ask for?
    Hard being my age (46) and trying to find a date! HA

  7. Angela says:

    Santa, I would like my boys to have a Christmas this year. I’m a single mom and I don’t quite make enough to cover the bills. There’s no money for Christmas this year. My four boys are really good boys. They deserve to have a Christmas. And I still believe.

  8. AnnaClaire says:

    Dear Santa,
    For Christmas I would like for all of the unfortunate children to get presents for children
    Love, AnnaClaire

  9. Layla says:

    Hi Santa, is your favorite color gold or red

  10. Olivia says:

    Dear Santa I want a cotton candy maker for Christmas

  11. Nakiah says:

    Hi Santa,I want a I-phone for Christmas.
    Do you have any pets.
    Love,Nakiah ps. I am 13 years old

  12. georgie hoover says:

    I want. The game call of duty advanced warfare I am 11 it needs to be for Xbox 360 and I want something taco. And. I want to get the iPhone 6 so I can change phones but it is my friend. Nathan Perkins birthday hop u wish him a Happy bday

  13. Nick says:

    Dear Santa please get me a duck please!!!!!!!!!!!!

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