Below is the ONLY movie coming out this weekend in theaters and its ratings:
Captain America: Civil War – Rated PG-13 for extended sequences of violence, action and mayhem.


For your FUN Friday…..the new JUSTIN TIMBERLAKE video. Instant mood lifter!! (watch for Anna Kendrick AND James Cordin)


Janet Jackson may be pregnant with her first child! CLICK HERE to learn more about the pop star who’s been planning a family.


YUM! Jodi has her own slow cooker lasagna recipe and it’s delicious. CLICK HERE for the recipe and tell us who’s is better, Jodi’s or Producer Emilie’s???

Close up of a slow cooker working on kitchen shelf


Remember Walmart greeters? Well they are coming back but with a new name. CLICK HERE to learn more.

Friday’s Podcast Show – 5.06

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