What do you think Alicia should do?  Have you ever been in a similar situation?


Dear MS&J,  Love you guys!  Here goes:  (I won’t give names)

My daughter has a sweet friend who comes over often.   This little girl is her favorite/best friend. Ages are 8&9.   We like her….BUT, this summer I’ve noticed something that I DON”T LIKE at all.   I’ve only watched it happen, and have not YET said anything.  This girl, BOSSES my daughter around.  A LOT.  Whatever they end up doing – it’s what she wants.  My daughter just goes along.  I fear it’s because she really wants this friend.  In their group, she’s kind of the “IT” girl.  I DO NOT want her to be bossed around and think this is okay.  Before I say something……what are your thoughts or experiences???

Thanks so much!!!   Alicia

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