LISTEN: Earring Update

Jodi has been doing some serious investigating in search for a pair of earrings she once had. Will she find them? Has she found them? Find out. And ICYMI: Sam was determined to prove Jodi wrong with this hunt ‘After the Show’ yesterday. Want to hear... read more

What will happen on the ‘Game of Thrones’ season finale?

Everything you can’t wait to know about the Game of Thrones Season 7 finale!!! Jodi has all the details at 3114 minutes into the show podcast below. According to FOX NEWS Just less than a week before the big day, HBO is teasing fans with the finale’s episode title,... read more

School Night Suppers

Sam’s Cheeseburgerdilla/Tacodilla Sam’s got not one, but TWO recipes to add to our School Night Suppers. He explains them both at 17:11 minutes into the show podcast below. Cheeseburgerdilla Ingredients 1 or 2 pre-made burgers bacon or bacon bits shredded... read more

LISTEN: “You CAN’T find everything online”

A quote Jodi said in the studio has stirred up quite the debate… And it’s all because of a pair of earrings she wants to go around the world to find. Want to hear more? Listen to Murphy Sam and Jodi: On Demand When you follow our podcast on iTunes or... read more

‘The Glass Castle: A Memoir’ by Jeannette Walls

“It’s not a new book, but a friend of mine LOVED it – so I’m going to try it.  Plus the movie is out now, gotta read it first.”  -Jodi The Glass Castle: A Memoir  by Jeannette Walls   The Glass Castle is a remarkable memoir of resilience and redemption, and a... read more

LISTEN: A Tribute to Jerry Lewis

Why Murphy and Sam bonded over Jerry Lewis growing up.   Want to hear more? Listen to Murphy Sam and Jodi: On Demand When you follow our podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store, you get exclusive stuff you won’t hear on the show! (It’s FREE to... read more

PODCAST: Last Night’s ‘Game of Thrones’ Recap

The thing Producer David has been fearing most FINALLY happened on last night’s episode of ‘Game of Thrones’. If the tension between Arya and Sansa Stark wasn’t enough to stress you out, the outcome of Danny’s heroic rescue mission will have your emotions... read more

Who will be joining Katy Perry as a judge on American Idol?

Is David Hasselholf in talks to be an American Idol judge? Jodi shares this Hollywood Outsider at 30:08 minutes into Monday’s show podcast. According to CONFIDENTIAL  Insiders say that reps for David Hasselhoff have been in talks with ABC and production company... read more

Why did Taylor Swift black out her social media accounts???

Taylor Swift blacked out all of her social media accounts – and we think we know why. Jodi shares this Hollywood Outsider at 13:43 minutes into today’s show podcast.   According to ENEWS The 27-year-old pop star has deleted years’ and years’ worth of... read more

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