I am VOWING to give my kids a BETTER Summer this year. And by better, I don’t mean giving every little modern thing they desire to fill up their time. I mean, taking away the devices AT LEAST once a day, and DOING something REAL. They WILL be in a couple of camps, but not all summer. Here are the ideas:


 – Cooking (teaching them new things)

– Putting together a garage sale

– Taking a walk (which leads to great talks!)

– Doing art

– Riding bikes

– Re doing their rooms

– Swimming

– Lemonade Stand

– Making a fort

– Doing art

– Reading!!!

– Cleaning out a closet

– Baking cookies

– Scavenger hunt


You get the idea. I am going to do my BEST to make these things happen. Taking away the devices won’t be popular, but it will be worth it. Makes me wish I was a kid again!!!!!


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