Murphy lost his mom this week.  She was my mother in law, and the GLUE and CENTER of that family.  He is still in shock.  In fact, the entire family is – but BOY did they come together.  Here are some of the BLESSINGS of this loss:


-Murphy & his 2 siblings came together and are closer than EVER.  They cried some, but laughed A LOT this week reminiscing.  The dynamic here has changed not just b/c mom is gone, but they will STAY close – in sharing their loss.


-You realize – Mom is everywhere.  She did everything, and she touched everything.  I know they will feel that now, every day for the rest of their lives.  She will show herself to them all, every day.

-Murphy and I (and I think his siblings & spouses) will FOR SURE make our plans and wishes known to our children for when this happens to us.  It will take that stress off of them, and we can have what we want for when this life is over.


You were so loved Merle – and you left a lot of love behind for us.  We will soak it up.

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