I had the PERFECT Mother’s Day weekend last year.  I am HOPING to repeat it this weekend :o)  (hint hint Murphy)


On Saturday, I had ME Time.  FREE TIME!!!  I shopped.  I drove around.  I got a pedicure.  No schedule, no plans, no one NEEDING me.  It was bliss!!!  But just for the day.   I think I was home by 6;30 pm (party animal!)

On Sunday, I woke up for my FAVORITE part of Mother’s day – when the girls come into our bedroom with breakfast and their homemade goodies for me.  LOVE this!!   Priceless.  I’ll miss it when they grow up


SO – what Moms want, is ME TIME.  More than 70% of Mothers say they need/want this.  A day when no one NEEDS them!!!  Even if just for a little while.  A little present is a good idea too.   But that’s personal.  You know this hot mamma mess – you know what she likes.

Happy Mother’s Day.  Enjoy your time.  I hope you get it!!

Breakfast for mother's day,Concept.

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