Tuesday, December 16th
Santa reads emails
Santa talks about other magical creatures
Santa reads an email from a mom
Santa reads “Room for a Little One”

Wednesday, December 17th
Santa shares his fave Christmas song
Santa talks about writing a letter
Santa reads emails (pt 1)
Santa reads emails (pt 2)
Santa reads emails (pt 3)

Thursday, December 18th
Mythbusters with Santa (pt 1)
Mythbusters with Santa (pt 2) 
Sam asks Santa about his reindeer
Sam asks Santa about Christmas Eve
Sam asks Santa about the North Pole

Friday, December 19th
Santa calls us from the North Pole
Santa answers your emails (pt 1)
Santa answers your emails (pt 2)
Santa is back from his hot chocolate break
Santa answers your emails and Sam’s questions
Santa answers an emails about an RV
Santa answers an email from a 13 year old girl
Santa answers an email from an adult
Santa gives Sam some love advice
Santa tells everyone goodbye! 

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