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MSJ Media Kit

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  • Real people, compelling and real entertainment for TODAY’S 25-54 female.
  • Fully customizable syndication on-air and online in each market.
  • Consistent leader – key money demo in 13 markets!
  • Averages 45,000 unique visitors online per month.
  • Reduces operating costs up to 100%.
  • Your choice: barter, cash or combo.
  • Works with YOUR log, YOUR format.
  • Daily embedded content for your website.

Q: When is the show aired?

A: AM drive. Uses your clocks and your station’s music log.

Q: Do you do custom production?

A: Yes. Everything from weekly customization to emergency tracks.

Q: Can MSJ produce endorsements for my advertisers?

A: Yes. And the fee is customized by the size of your market.

Q: How can you help my sales department?

A: You name it! From packages to calls with clients…we’ll do it all. We’re here for ratings and revenue!

Q: How can you help me with outside marketing?

A: We have all print and collateral logos you need, plus our in house TV production team can provide B-roll to custom inserts for your TV commercials or web videos.

Q: Can I fully automate the show? What if I run on a shoestring?

A: No problem. We have packages that allow you to launch and walk away to run seamlessly if needed.

Q: How difficult is launch?

A: Easy. We walk you through each step to launch based on your custom needs. Turnaround can be as quick as 4 days. We do recommend allowing time for testing of clocks, show delivery, and your one on one call with the team to make sure the launch is problem free.

Q: What if my internet crashes?

A: No problem, we provide several backups so you never miss a beat! The perfect fit for AC, HOT AC, CLASSIC HITS, and Country.

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