“I’m sure I’m not the only chic in the world who had her first kiss at church.”  -Jodi

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An unspeakable crime. A confounding investigation.

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Why does Jodi want a vacay without Murphy?

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“My absolute favorite part of it ALL – was Harry’s nerves and vulnerability. It was so genuine & sweet.” -Jodi

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Why Sam is against letting kids bring friends on the family vacation.

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The Blog

Mariah Carey’s New Vegas Residency

“I’d love to see her live – even though she’s sometimes a mess, and always late.  That voice!”  -Jodi According to Entertainment Weekly. The singer announced on Monday that she would return to The Colosseum at Caesars Palace for a new residency, “The Butterfly... read more

LISTEN: Be My Eyes

Sam has volunteered for an organization – and it’s a LOVELY thing to do. But why didn’t he answer their first call? Want to hear more? Producer Bailey had some trouble taking finals. Here’s why at 5:30 in the show podcast below When you follow... read more

How to Properly Clean Out Your Car

Cleaning out your car is a great thing to do and also something we often forget to do. You spend a lot of time in that thing. Clean it out! Listen to the gang talk about it at 11 minutes in the show podcast below: According to reviewed.com Step 1: Get rid of the junk... read more

Old Toys Worth Money

If you own some of these toys, you might be sitting on a good bit of cash in toy form.   Listen to Jodi talk about some of these at 24 minutes in the show podcast below: According to definition.org and Mental Floss Garbage Pail Kids Cards Pokemon Cards PEZ... read more

PODCAST: Himalayan Salt Lamp

Why kids are licking a lamp at Murphy and Jodi’s house. Want to hear more? We have a better way to clean your car at 11 minutes into the show podcast below: When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store, you get exclusive stuff you won’t hear on... read more

The Picture

So here it is. The artwork thing I gave Sam as a wedding gift years ago. I die! He hates personal gifts – wanted stuff from the registry. I know better now. I know him better now. At least he kept it?! I’m embarrassed. -Jodi   Listen at 17 minutes in... read more

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