“You WHAT?????  You want to CUT your long hair you’ve spent the last 2 years growing out?!?!?!”

IMG_4076That was my reaction to my girly girl fairy child Phoebe dropping the news on my busy Mamma plate last week.  She had pictures and all.  She didn’t just want to trim it shorter for summer – she wanted it SHORT.  I couldn’t believe it.  Mainly – I just didn’t want her to REGRET it.

Haven’t we all been there??  You see a rockin shorter cut and want that spunkiness.   Phoebe persisted.  She was convinced.  I was not.  But she’s always been her OWN person\fairy.  I knew that SHE knows her own mind.  What a great attribute for a kid!!!   I never had that when I was little.  So I made the appointment.

Once we were there, and she told the stylist what she wanted – every woman’s eyes got big and they looked at me with the understanding that THEY knew my fear.

She did great.  I was more nervous than she was.  She with every scissor cut, she got more giddy.13428553_10153629113350205_8784091843992277924_n13445529_10153629113380205_4575483157250071097_n

She also wants to donate the 15 inch pony tail to Wigs for Kids – a great non profit that provides wigs for very sick children. (CLICK HERE for more information about this organization and how you can donate, or you can go to www.wigsforkids.org)

Meanwhile, she has the face to pull this cut off!!  In fact, she ROCKS it.  It makes her look a bit more grown up L.  In an effort to continue “selling” me on the idea afterwards, she said “Mom, think of all the money we’ll save on shampoo.”


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