How can I EVER say thank you enough for the LOVE you’ve sent about the loss of our dog Chevy?!

He was our 1st rescue.  He rescued us.   He was about 14 14238242_10153823973455205_8775270185318815734_nyears old.  He was also the alpha dog of our pack.

I’d always dreamed of him passing quietly in his sleep at home.  That’s not how it went down.

Chevy (last week) started to fall down, often.  He seemed to lose the ability to use his back legs.  It was heartbreaking.  Because his mind outlasted his body.  He was still 100% himself.  Just broken physically.  We took him to our vet – to get her advice, even though we knew his end was near.  We did have him put to sleep. L  It was a much more peaceful and positive (for him) experience than I expected.   He needed the relief, and rest.

To honor him, I will ALWAYS adopt, ALWAYS foster.  Dogs are family!  Thank YOU for the love.

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