Sam asked Jodi to write his new dating profile bio b/c he doesn’t know what to include! Β Here it is…What do you think??

I am Sam. Sam I am!! Early 50s but my energy is that of my late 30s. Especially on weekends. On Mondays, I am 100.

I love just hanging out, especially in beautiful weather. I enjoy trying new foods, but also love making it. I’m good in the kitchen.

Humor is my best friend. It gets me through. It’s kept doors opened that would have closed otherwise.

I recently stopped drinking. It was not my best friend. Adios!

I own a few light sabers. Let’s just get that out in the open. I also have a star wars lunch box. Did I mention my childlike qualities?

I have about 20 pairs of chucks. every color. Fashionista!

I’m divorced. 3 times. (i believe in love!) Those stories can come later. I’ve got 5 awesome kids. 4 boys and 1 princess to spoil.

I’ve worked in the same career and with the same crew for decades. Stability!! It’s in media, so if we get involved – you’ll need to be comfy with that.

Finally, I have a rescue dog named Gus. He rescued me a couple of years ago. A true best friend.

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