Everyone can adjust the amounts of chocolate, marshmallow and graham cracker to match personal taste. The basic s’more method is to toast 1 marshmallow over the coals until it’s brown, then sandwich it between 4 squares of chocolate and 2 graham crackers. (It’s best to use thin chocolate bars, such as 1.5-ounce Hershey’s Milk Chocolate.)

True peanut butter lovers can spread 1 tablespoon of peanut butter onto 2 graham crackers, then sandwich 1 toasted marshmallow between them. For a peanut butter and chocolate combo, add 4 thin squares of chocolate.

The only way to make this s’more more chocolaty would be to dip the entire treat in chocolate sauce. Sandwich a toasted marshmallow between 4 thin squares of chocolate and 2 chocolate-covered graham crackers.

These s’mores have an added zing from the mint. Chocolate mints tend to be thin, so they melt exceptionally well. Toast the marshmallow, then sandwich it between 2 thin chocolate mints and 2 graham crackers.

For a jazzy s’more, sandwich the toasted marshmallow between 2 chocolate-covered biscuits or cookies.

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