Jodi’s daughter, Phoebe, took a book from her room that she was reading, but Jodi’s HAPPY about it…and maybe a little excited!  And then Phoebe left her this sweet note, so she’d know what page she was on!  Press “play” below to find out what book she stole…

Jodi’s daughter, Phoebe, stole a book from her!

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The top passwords used this last year.  So if you’re using any of these CHANGE IT NOW!  Hackers try these passwords first!
1 – 123456
2 – password
3 – 12345678
4 – qwerty
5 – 12345
6 – 123456789
7 – football
8 – 1234
9 – 1234567
10 – baseball

Click here to get all 25 passwords you should change NOW if you’re using them!

The 1 weight loss trick that’s easy to do, but everyone overlooks it is…EAT MORE VEGGIES!  Low in carbs and calories, but high in fiber (that fills you up!).

Thursday’s Podcast Show – 01.21


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