We have the list of the top 5 things that drive coworkers crazy. Click here to for the full descriptions. Do you or your coworkers do any of these things?

  1. Shooting down ideas too soon
  2. Sending unnecessary emails
  3. Thinking your job is harder than anyone else’s
  4. Being a negative Nancy
  5. Interrupting – women, especially

Click here to discover what will become of Prince’s Paisley Park home. Will it be the new Graceland?

Although we love dogs, research shows we should not hug them. Click here to learn why.

Senior woman with her dog inside of her house.

Taco Bell is testing a new chalupa wrapped in a fried chicken shell. Click here for more.

CANTON MI - DECEMBER 31: Taco Bell whose Canton location logo is shown on December 31 2014 has more than 6500 stores.

Today’s the day! Get the 6-inch Chili Cheese Coney and All-American Hot Dogs for just $1 all day. Limit is 5 per person. Click here for more information.

COSTA MESA CA/USA - OCTOBER 17 2015: Sonic Drive-In Restaurant exterior. Sonic Corp. is an American drive-in fast-food restaurant chain.

Thursday’s Podcast Show – 04.28


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