Have you tried the ‘no-bake energy bites’ (balls) from Holly Clegg? SO GOOD!

Click here for the recipe. Enjoy!




Sam is back in the studio after taking a personal day yesterday. See what he thinks of the cardboard cutout we used to replace him during his absence.

Jodi made No-Bake Energy Bites for us this morning. SO GOOD! Get the recipe here. Enjoy!



Jodi did something recently that she’s never done before. A very painful mistake. Good thing Sam isn’t here today to make fun of her for it.

(Sam will be back tomorrow but in the meantime…..enjoy his cardboard replacement. lol)



So Jodi confessed a couple of things to us today.
1. She does not carry a debit card around with her.
2. This led her to being turned away at the bank recently.
Watch to find out why.



Apparently someone here at work isn’t using proper etiquette when it comes our Keurig machine. What are your thoughts?



Apparently we are causing some problems for one of our listeners every time we discuss Murphy and Sam’s new Amazon Echoes.

Oops! Sorry Deborah.



MSJ’s LIVE Annual Christmas Party



We’ve been asking all week, “what is your favorite Christmas song and why?” Here’s one from Regina that we loved. Keep them coming!

Sam’s been playing in a rec league basketball team with one of his sons. And while he may be one of the oldest people on the team, he’s determined to prove he’s still got stamina…..

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