Sam’s scored a date thanks to online dating!  Find out what’s up by pressing “play” below…

Sam’s got his first date thanks to online dating sites!

Sam blogged!  Click here to find out WHY he’s kept a note that Jodi wrote to him 7 years ago…

The most affectionate dog breeds are…
1 – Labrador Retriever
2 – Golden Retriever
3 – Cavalier King Charles Spaniel
4 – The American Pit Bull
5 – Brussels Griffon

Click here for the full list!

Jodi’s Shamrock Punch
1 – 2 Liter bottle of ginger ale (or Sprite/7up)
1 quart lime sherbet

Place lime sherbet in a punch bowl and pour ginger ale on top.  Serve into glasses and enjoy!

Wednesday’s Podcast Show – 03.16

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