Words mean EVERYTHING.  Especially to a kid. Especially FROM their parent.

When I was about 7, I was an at amusement park with my family. My Daddy asked me to ride a roller coaster with him.  I was too scared.  Had never done that before.  He really tried to convince me, but my inner chicken was winning.  Then he said – “Come on, you’re brave.”  I couldn’t believe it. He thought I was brave, so I must be, right?!

I did ride it. It was terrifying. But I didn’t care. My Daddy thought I was brave.  That’s what I remember.  I wanted to be brave for him.

Words are EVERYTHING to a kid.
I don’t know who created this list, but I’m grateful for it!  Save it. Share it. And SAY some of these things to a kid who needs it 😉
xoxo, Jodi

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