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Friday, October 31st –
Zach’s ghost smells just like his grandmother did.
Julia’s ghost was her husband’s guardian angel.
Ruby’s ghost sat on her bed breathing heavily.
Jason’s ghost scared him in a graveyard.
Ashley’s ghost was her brother who appeared to her friend in a dream
Bobbi’s ghost was her father who was taking care of her son.
John’s ghost appeared to him at work and looked like a shadow ghost.

Thursday, October 30th –
Marilyn’s ghost came back to wish her happy birthday.
Kerry’s ghost freaked him out at in the bathroom of his video store.
Christy’s ghost scared her at the Haunted Mansion in Disney World.
Tim’s ghost told him lottery numbers to pick.
Lindsey’s ghost saved her infant son’s life.
Lisa’s ghost was a baby who died in the nursery of the house they bought.

Wednesday, October 29th –
Sarah’s ghost was in her room when she was a baby.
Ann’s ghost was her mom and she saved her life!
Debbie’s ghost was her dead husband who changed her radio station while she was driving.
Tammy’s ghost was one who had committed suicide…

Tuesday, October 28th-
Ashley ghosts are her family members!
Dee and her daughter can both see the ghost of her grand paw!
Chris’ ghost is his grand paw contacting him and his brother.
Jodi’s got a ghost story, but not sure she believes in them!

Monday, October 27th –
Tom’s ghost may have been his aunt.
Jennifer’s ghost was her husband who came to her and to tell her he loved her.
Megan’s ghost threw her pictures on the floor.

Friday, October 24th – 
Elizabeth’s ghost was her friend’s sister who saved her life!
Christy’s ghost appeared in her college apartment.
Erin’s ghost came to them while they were playing the Ouija board.

Thursday, October 23rd – 
Tina’s ghost sees shadow men on her newspaper route.
Linda’s ghost showed itself the day after Halloween.
Monica’s ghost saved her life!
Leanne’s ghost was her mom and she saved someone’s life.

Wednesday, October 22nd – 
Danny’s ghost appeared in a field when he was in high school.
Ann’s ghost lives in an old sharecropper’s shack.
Rachel’s ghost was a pleasant one!

Tuesday, October 21st – 
Oliva’s ghost was in a rocking chair in the attic.
Melissa’s ghost lives in a house in California!
Lori’s ghost appeared over her daughter’s changing table.
Laura’s ghost lived in her farmhouse.
Daniella’s ghost showed itself during hide and seek.
Heather’s ghost paralyzed her for a few minutes.

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