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AFTER THE SHOW: 1st born balance

Is Jodi going overboard trying to NOT make this Mom mistake? 🤔 Want to hear more? We'll let you know why Disney's The Lion King is going to be longer than the original and when you'll be able to take a bathroom break during the movie. More about your pet peeves when...

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AFTER THE SHOW: Group Therapy

What Murphy & Sam never told us about their time in AA. 🙏 Want to hear more? Beach Etiquette: Because the beach is for all to enjoy. We'll help you know what to do and what not to do at the beach. Getting you ready in the Hollywood Outsider for the live action version...

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AFTER THE SHOW: Wrinkles in Time

Who's having the most FUN with the aging/face app?! And WHY won't this pic age Jodi?! 🤦‍♀ ️ Want to hear more? Why Jodi couldn't stop laughing at another man during a recent date night with Murphy. Tricks for those that have trouble using a public restroom. Jodi's got...

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Murphy finally tried to use the insulin that Jodi accidentally put in the freezer. Fingers crossed?! 🤦‍♀ Want to hear more? How far can you actually go in a car without a tire? What are the benefits of taking a staycation rather than going out of town? Sam got a few...

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