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10 Things I learned from doing a 30 Day Cleanse

1 – It is Mental. Put your mind to this, and it is DONE. I didn’t let my MIND get in my WAY.

2 – One Day at a Time, YES.

3 – We don’t need as much food as we’ve trained ourselves to think we do.

4 – When you get rid of junk, you don’t want it anymore. That DOES happen.
(i was a doubter on this)

5 – The good, whole foods taste INCREDIBLE when you get toxins out of your body!

6 – The more water you have, the better you feel. Hydration is a natural high!!

7 – I’ve never lost weight more quickly. This IS a great way to “start over” or “kickstart” your body.

8 – Yes, you EAT during a cleanse. At least, on this 1 you do!

9 – If I ever need to drop a dress size for an occasion I know what I’ll do. Duh!

10 – The self respect I got from doing this, and seeing & feeling the results has been 1 of the best parts. Gives me balance with myself. GRATEFUL for that. 🙏

For those who’ve asked: It is Go Cleanse. There are 11 Day Cleanses, 30 Day, etc. Here is the info:
800-888-3037 (they are easy to talk to, not pushy)


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7 months ago

So well said!! Hydration is a natural high…and so is good sleep! 🙂 Thanks for being amazing you. You look amazing!! 😉 Jenna

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