Sam, the prankster, decided he’d pull an (early) April Fools trick on Jodi since he wont be around to prank her this weekend. She completely fell for it and her

Meal Madness

All throughout the month of March Jodi will be sharing easy meals for you to make and dig into the deliciousness. See something you like? Let us know. Fast &

Thursday, March 30th 2017

Sam is worried about something that’s going to happen to his daughter, Maddie, within the next two years.  Producer David vents about the new Facebook feature which has completely copied

Wednesday, March 29th 2017

Jodi’s finally doing something very personal that Murphy asked her to do.  Sam explains why Snapchat may soon be history. Murphy explains how their next door neighbors are tricking them

Monday, March 27th 2017

Sam shares some good news about his son who’s away at boarding school. Producer David rocks his parents world by he introducing them to Netflix.  Jodi explains the foods you

Friday, March 24th 2017

Jodi begs Murphy do something “girly” this weekend. We brag about how well Sam (who is afraid of public speaking) did with teaching a 6th grade class. And we explain

Wednesday, March 22nd 2017

Murphy and Sam are stressing about teaching a science class this week. Jodi reveals everything Disney is working on for live-action. And all morning long we are solving more riddles

Tuesday, March 21st 2017

Sam is worried about how his son Parker’s twin, Maddie, is handling all the attention Parker is getting since he’s away at boarding school.  Jodi shares why food comas are

Monday, March 20th 2017

Hear about Sam’s weekend with his son, Parker, who’s been away at boarding school. Find out why Producer David and his friends spent the weekend in a cemetery. And we

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