The Picture

So here it is. The artwork thing I gave Sam as a wedding gift years ago. I die! He hates personal gifts – wanted stuff from the registry. I know

Recipe: Millionaire Pie

Here’s a recipe for Millionaire Pie. My grandmother made this for years! Pretty sure it was a church potluck favorite. Easy, rich and cool. -Jodi Millionaire Pie is simple to

PODCAST: Jodi in L&D

Labor & Delivery stories?! Jodi’s got another one that Murphy doesn’t remember – and it’s something he did right before she got her epidural. Want to hear more? At 5:55 in

Wedding Trends in 2018

Weddings in 2018 are looking to be filled with heaps of new trends as couples are getting more inventive. Here are 10 Wedding Trends in 2018 according to Brides Unplugged

Tax Day Freebies

Some business are trying to make one of the most dreary days a bit brighter by offering deals on April 17th. Sam explains at 19:45 in the show podcast below:

PODCAST: David Visits

Producer David came back!   (well, for a visit)    Here’s why he now wears a protective vest at work. Want to hear more? When you follow the podcast on iTunes or the Google Play store,

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