PODCAST: Kissing

“I’m sure I’m not the only chic in the world who had her first kiss at church.”  -Jodi Want to hear more? At 16:10 in the show podcast below...

PODCAST: Uniforms

What IS it about a man in uniform?! The gang weighs in. Want to hear more? At 16:45 in the show podcast below, the gang plays another round of...

LISTEN: BingeFest

It’s a BINGE fest! Who’s watching what, and why Producer Bailey refuses to watch 1 of the greatest shows ever. Want to hear more? At 6...

Jodi Snoops

Listen to Jodi talk about it at 35 minutes in the show podcast below: The Woman in Cabin 10 “I overheard a woman on plane telling the flight...

LISTEN: Be My Eyes

Sam has volunteered for an organization – and it’s a LOVELY thing to do. But why didn’t he answer their first call? Want to hear...

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