Jodi: What to do when you find a dog without a collar

Producer David found a dog on his door step this week.  He was SOOOO cute!  I’ve come across many-a-lost dogs too.  And here’s my formula for what works to DO THE RIGHT THING.

#1 – Don’t fall in love.  (okay TRY to not fall in love)

IMG_2832 (1) IMG_2837

#2 – Take a pic and post to your social media.  Also ask all of your friends/followers to do the same.  Be specific about where the baby was found.   Also contact the Lost Pets pages & Neighborhood pages/apps that are set up FOR THIS PURPOSE.

#3 – Take it to a vet to see if its micro-chipped. IF it is, you’re the hero that helped a baby find its way back home.

#4 – Give it love and attention for the short time you’re the foster parent.

When it happens again, rinse & repeat.

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