Jodi: ‘Love Your Spouse Challenge’

(Jodi) I keep getting pulled into this Love Your Spouse Challenge….SO! I say yes. It’s to celebrate marriage. BUT, I won’t tag or put anyone on the spot. I WILL do the post for 7 days…WITH a little fun bonus goodie about my marriage.

Day 1 – Love Your Spouse Challenge



We met AT work. There’s never been a time when Sam wasn’t also a part of our story ♡ We kept our dating a secret from Sam as long as we could.  Once we told him — I think he was uncomfortable.  BUT, he saw soon enough that we were best friends.



Day 2 – Love Your Spouse Challenge



Just sharing little unknowns about my marriage to Murphy ♡ Such as: He never officially proposed to me. We just knew this was it, and started planning our life. That’s when it dawned on us —oh, we’re getting married. Sounds un-romantic….but I think that kind of certainty – is pretty special.




Day 3 – Love your Spouse Challenge ♡


Letting you in on some unknown goodies about my marriage to Murphy. Like…we always give each other a “Peace” sign when saying goodbye. This began when we were first working together and wanted to say Love You….but couldn’t AT work. No one knew (not even Sam) that we were becoming an item. Our kids now do the peace sign with us too ♡ Our secret code.‪#‎loveyourspousechallenge‬


Day 4 – Love Your Spouse Challenge



Just telling a few little known goodies about mine & Murphy’s marriage. Here’s a biggie: 1 of the worst fights we ever had, was at Sam’s wedding reception. (his 2nd wedding) We were newly married, and it was basically a power struggle. We know now, it was a stupid fight. ‪#‎loveyourspousechallenge‬



Day 5 – Love Your Spouse Challenge

Not tagging, just telling a few “inside our marriage” stories of me & Murphy. Like….

I make and bring his lunch to work, often! And even AS I’m making it, I think…..”i’m not his mom, i shouldn’t do this!” But I can’t help it. If i bring my lunch, I just feel like I should bring 1 for him too. I like doing things for him. He does a lot for me too. Love, in action!



Day 6 – Love Your Spouse Challenge



♡ Here’s another little known story about my marriage to Murphy. He once got IN THE FACE of a very BIG guy backstage at a concert to defend my honor. The dude was grabbing me and trying to move me….Murph thought he was a tad rough. He grabbed this dude (if I remember correctly) by the shirt! The dude backed down. Murphy CAN be pretty ferocious…..I know you can’t imagine that. I was WAY scared for him, but officially impressed ♡ Points!! Love, baby.



Day 7 – Love Your Spouse Challenge

7Here are a few more “inside looks” about me & my best friend, Murphy.
1 – This man sneaks Cheetos after dinner almost nighty. I never say a word.
2 – I had a miscarriage between Taylor & Phoebe. It was a girl – her name was going to be Emmy.
3 – He wasn’t my “type” (city boy) – & I wasn’t his (redhead, country girl)
4 – When we fight\argue, he gets the giggles and that makes me more mad.
5 – We’ve started going back to church b\c we feel like we need it.
6 – He forgives my not believing in “soul mates” and will settle for being the “best friend I’ve ever had” ♡♡♡♡ And he is.


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Aaron Waters
Aaron Waters
5 years ago

Great pics and points

Matthew Fournier
Matthew Fournier
4 years ago

Thank you. 🙂 an encouraging read!!

Karen Anderson
4 years ago

Love your Love! Love your marriage & thank you for sharing.
Love from crittersville, GabrielDeafBlindPup, AmeliaEarhartNanaDogPup, AlbinAttitudePup, EmmaStinkerPup, InsaneFeralKit, BobTheBeta and the 2 legger wot feeds ’em!

Janice Deshotel
4 years ago

Happy Anniversary! It is great you are sharing this. Young couples need to learn marriage is hard it is alot of work. My husband and I are going to have our 17th wedding anniversary on December 18th.

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