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Jodi’s Hollywood Outsider

Brad Pitt gets to visit with his kids

Brad Pitt had his first supervised visit with the kids since Angelina filed for divorce on September 19th.  Brad Pitt allegedly agreed to supervised visits with their children, therapy, and voluntary drug and alcohol tests.  So far it’s all been handled out of the courts.This temporary agreement ends on October 20th.

New Bruno Mars music out today!

Bruno Mars has released a new song today and it’s the first in four years!  It’s called 24k which is the title track to his upcoming album out on November 18th.  Listen to Bruno’s new song below:

Sean Penn dating an actor’s daughter

56 year old Sean Penn is said to be dating 24 year old Leila George who is the daughter of Emmy nominee Greta Scacchi.  They were spotted kissing on a Hawaiian getaway earlier this week!  She posted a pic on Instagram of her with Penn in the studio recording an audio book:

Family Friendly Box Office Review

Below are the movies out in theaters this weekend and their ratings:

  • The Girl on the Train – Rated R for violence, sexual content, language and nudity
  • The Birth of a Nation – Rated R for disturbing violent content, and some brief nudity
  • Middle School: The Worst Years of My Life – Rated PG for rude humor throughout, language and thematic elements


Music News

Lady Gaga
To promote the October 21st release of her new album, Joanne, Lady Gaga has teamed up with Bud Light to perform at dive bars. She began her Dive Bar Tour last night and previewed a new song off of the album called ‘Million Reasons’. She says it’s a little country mixed with funk and rock-n-roll. CLICK HERE for more or listen to it below.

Dolly Parton
The country music legend will be honored at this year’s CMAs. The ‘Jolene’ singer will be receiving the Willie Nelson Lifetime Achievement Award. See more on it HERE!

The Rolling Stones
The legendary rock band will be releasing a blues cover album. The name of the album is ‘Blue & Lonesome’ and will be out on October 6th. You can see the full track list HERE!

Sam’s Friday Favorite

WATCH: Odell Beckham Jr shakes every soldier’s hand at Vikings-Giants game

“For someone to sacrifice everything that they have for others — just the concept of it — it gives me chills,” Beckham told Sporting News. “I don’t even know how to explain it. They sacrifice everything. It’s unselfish. Whether it’s right or wrong, they do it and I appreciate it.”

Jodi’s Friday Favorite(s)

Harry Potter in IMAX
That’s right muggles, all eight movies are going to be screened next week (October 13th) in IMAX theaters. Not only that, but you can also catch a special sneak peek of Fantastic Beasts and Where to Find Them before it hits theaters this November. You can buy movie tickets separately or get special package deals. Movie times may vary depending on your local IMAX. Get more, HERE!

Harry Potter and the Sorcerer’s Stonehpweek_imax_art_lo

Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets

Harry Potter and the Prisoner of Azkaban

Harry Potter and the Goblet of Fire

Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix

Harry Potter and the Half-Blood Prince

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 1

Harry Potter and the Deathly Hallows – Part 2


Disney’s Live-action ‘Mulan’
Disney has been doing an amazing job so far of recreating their original classics into live-action movies. As everyone waits eagerly for the highly anticipated live-action adaptation of ‘Beauty and the Beast’ and the recently announced remake of ‘The Lion King’, we have to wonder what will be next. Well Disney has officially announced that they will also be remaking 1998 musical film, ‘Mulan’. The story of a young woman who disguises herself as a man to protect her father from battle will be brought to life and in theaters on November 2nd, 2018. CLICK HERE to learn more,

The Thankful Pumpkin

Here’s a neat idea you can do with your family before you carve your pumpkin for Halloween. Everyday you write something you’re thankful for on your pumpkin up until carving time. Simple yet, special. CLICK HERE to see examples of how it’s done.thankful-pumpkin

Not-So-Serious Book Club

Steven King Recomendations

With Halloween just around the corner, we will be adding some SCARY books to our Not-So-Serious Book Club. Here are a few books that Steven King (the master or horror) recommends if you want a good scare:


A chilling thriller that brilliantly blends psychological suspense and supernatural horror, reminiscent of Stephen King’s The Shining, Shirley Jackson’s The Haunting of Hill House, and William Peter Blatty’s The Exorcist.



Rodeo Grace Garnet lives with his old dog in a remote corner of Arizona known to locals as El Hoyo. Retired from the rodeo circuit and scraping by on piecework as a bounty hunter, warrant server, and divorce snoop, he doesn’t have much choice but to say yes when hired to solve the murder of an Indian teenager, whose death is part of a mysterious rompecabeza―a classic crime puzzler―that includes multiple killings, cold-blooded betrayals, and low-down scheming, with Rodeo caught in the middle.


Four days into a five-day voyage, the cruise ship Beautiful Dreamerstops dead in the water. With no signal in the middle of the ocean, there is no way to call for help. At first, it seems like no big deal.Surely, someone will come looking for them. But as days go by, food runs out, and a body is found in one of the cabins, it becomes clear that something sinister is happening.


Big Little Lies follows three women at various points of heartbreak. Madeline’s ex-husband and his new wife have moved to her beach town, and their daughter just so happens to end up in the same class as Madeline’s daughter. Meanwhile, Celeste and her husband are trying to become the king and queen of the PTA at their children’s school, but just how far would they be willing to go? Then Jane comes to town, and that might just change everything.


When a beautiful woman walks into Joe Goldberg’s bookstore, he Googles the name on her credit card — Guinevere Beck — and finds out that she’s the only one with that name in New York City. Guinevere’s social media accounts tell Joe everything he needs to know, and a chance encounter with him will change her life. As Joe moves from stalker to boyfriend, things take a turn for the terrifying.


In a secret government lab, virologist Fara McManus tries to stop an experiment out of control–before more human subjects are infected. But in a blazing hail of bullets, survivalist Ollie Monk launches a paramilitary attack on the lab, releasing the infected into the night. And as the nightmare escalates to a fever pitch, internet blogger Ivan Renner traces the destruction as it claims more victims, beginning with a single mother unknowingly spreading the virus. A father and son, held hostage by a lunatic. A local sheriff, single-handedly fighting madness, murder, and worse.


Detective Gabriella Versado has seen more than her share of dead bodies. But then a body shows up that’s half human, half deer. As more and more of these disfigured corpses pop up, it’s everything Gabriella can do to hold on to reality. Broken Monsters features an amazing cast of characters, and a chilling plot that will keep you up at night.


Rainey Teague disappears on his way home from school, literally vanishing into thin air. After he is found, the nightmare only gets deeper, especially for detective Nick Kavanaugh and his wife, Kate, a family practice lawyer. They have all been drawn into a shadow world between life and death–a world where a man killed on Friday night is in a duel on Sunday, where an armed robbery triggers a disastrous cascade of events that ricochets across twenty different lives, and where Nick and Kate will come face to face with the ancient force of anger and evil that lurks beneath Niceville.


One of the most talked-about books of the beginning of this year,The Girl on the Train is still on the bestseller list months after its release. Rachel loves to people-watch on her commute to work everyday. She loves it so much that she makes up a story for her favorite couple. She names them Jess and Jason and dreams up an entire happily-ever-after life for them. Until “Jess” goes missing. Then Rachel becomes implicated in a crime, but she can’t figure out how.


A literary agent in New York finishes an anonymous manuscript that the CIA wants destroyed. Meanwhile, the author is in hiding in Zurich, trying to atone for a lifetime of regrets. The Accident takes place over the course of a single day, as the lives of its characters collide as the book approaches publication. Suspenseful and impossible to put down, The Accident is the perfect book for King fans.


Everyone who lives at 23 Beulah Grove has a secret. If they didn’t, they wouldn’t be renting rooms in a sketchy South London building for cash—no credit check, no lease. It’s the kind of place you end up when you you’ve run out of other options. The six residents mostly keep to themselves, but one unbearably hot summer night, a terrible accident pushes them into an uneasy alliance. What they don’t know is that one of them is a killer. He’s already chosen his next victim, and he’ll do anything to protect his secret.

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