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AFTER THE SHOW: 2 Weeks Lost??

Producer Bailey thought he might never see his dog Hank again. 😭

Here’s why he got lost, and how he was found. 🐶


Want to hear more?

Why these last two weeks have been some of the most difficult for Producer Bailey and why he couldn’t talk about it until now.

We have Valentine’s gifts that can be made on a budget and most likely, you already have the ingredients in your kitchen!

Murphy talks about the books that you would never find stacked up on his nightstand.


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3 years ago

I just want to let you know I own a rescue wild angels canine and I have had a few dogs escape I want you to know the next time your eyes are your mail carrier your newspaper carries and your UPS men in your fedex man anybody that travels pizza delivery people.. hand them out fliers they are your eyes to finding your lost pet also you need a feeding station and put something that’s familiar to them around the feeding station that They have had that smells like you or something that they know the smell of happy you found him this Happens a lot I always tell my adopters that it’s a 2 week getting to know each other. And adjustment

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