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AFTER THE SHOW: Do it for Paw Paw

Why is Jodi WORRIED about the 90th Birthday Party for her Paw Paw? 😭



Want to hear more?

If you need a mental break, you shouldn’t spend it on social media so we’re going to tell you what it is you should do when you need to give your mind a rest.

What Sam has to talk about to his exes before his birthday next week.

Ed Sheeran is going to be disappearing for 18 months! Where’s he going? Find out in Music News!

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Tami Lawson
Tami Lawson
2 years ago

Hi Murphy, Sam and Jodi, My husband and I moved to the Lexington area almost 2 years ago and we love your show. We moved from right outside the Atlanta GA area from the town of Hapeville GA. Just in case you didn’t know this is where Mr. Truett Cathy started Chick-fil-a. Those of us who grew up in Hapeville affectionately call it the chicken-house. It was a big hang out during high school and just a fun town to live in. Usually with any type of high school reunion a lot of us meet at the chicken house and reminisce about those days..since most of us are now in our early 60’s. Just like my momma said time just seems to take off as we get older. My momma also use to say the world just hadn’t been the same since Sonny & Cher split up too. My husbands girls from his first marriage primarily grew up in Cynthiana and over the years with visits and holidays we fell in love with Kentucky. So…here we are! We truly love listening to you guys in the morning and the music….makes us feel right at home. Tami & Tom Lawson

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