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AFTER THE SHOW: Getting Closer

Sam lets us in on what he just doesn’t have the heart to tell his Mom. 💗


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At 24 minutes and 50 seconds into the podcast below, the group shares their takes on the naked Planet Fitness guy. Listen here:

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Valerie Kugler
Valerie Kugler
3 years ago

Hey you guys, I have an atomic clock. You never have to set it. It sets itself to the world clock, even when the time changes. It’s called Atomix clock and it only cost me about $39.95. I got it from a mail order company. Seventh Avenue, if I remember right. Or maybe Ginny’s.

As for the sun moving closer to the earth, it’s more like the earth is tipping closer to the sun during our summer season. You know how the earth is on an axis, and spinning like a top…well, tops eventually fall over but before they do, they wobble. And that is what our earth is doing. It’s wobbling closer to the sun then farther away then closer again then farther away again. This is why, if you notice our weather patterns, we have a really hot day then a cooler day then a really hot day and so on, back and forth. The same in winter. You will notice it gets super cold, then not so cold then super cold then not so cold. All within a weeks time. Every 24 hours the earth rotates completely around and everyday and night the temps are warmer or colder than the previous day respectively. Now, what we need is for another big meteor to hit the earth and put us back on track. And that happens all the time. But it’s the size of the meteor that will make the difference. Just something to think about.

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