AFTER THE SHOW: Hank is Missing, Again. ;( Previous item Wakeup Tricks / Parenting... Next item College Scam / Grateful...

AFTER THE SHOW: Hank is Missing, Again. ;(

WHY is Producer Bailey’s dog such an escape artist?! Murphy, Sam & Jodi have some advice to finding him.

Want to hear more?

A trick that always works to wake up a deep sleeper – even though it might seem a little cruel.

We want to hear your embarrassing parent oops. With 5 kids and a new grand kid, Sam’s got plenty of them.

Hank is good at getting away.



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2 years ago

Hank needs a good dog trainer and Pet GPS Tracker Snap it on his collar and you can track him on your phone wherever he disappears to.
He is obviously likes to run out the door, gets out of his collar etc. He needs to learn some door manners and some good recall (come).
(Yes I am a dog trainer)

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