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AFTER THE SHOW: How Murphy and Jodi Get Along

Married and working together. 😘

HOW Murphy & Jodi do this without getting divorced. P.S., they had a fight right before this podcast. Is Sam the referee? 🤔


It’s another grateful Friday! Tell us what makes you grateful because we know that’s a great way to start your day.

We’ll tell you who Bradley Cooper based his “A Star is Born” character off of.

Jodi’s got a new dip to add to gameday grub that’s so easy anybody can make it!


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Nathan Jolly
1 year ago

I listen to your show every morning,I know Jodi keeps Murphy and Sam straight my late wife kept me straight so I know how it is Jodi tells you two too jump and y’all say how high, just kidding I love you all and I bet you have a great relationship with each other and your daughters, God bless you all and you too Sam.

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