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AFTER THE SHOW: Kiss & Make Out

Who was “making out” in the parking lot – and why was Murphy so bothered by it?!? 💋🤣💋🤣

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Murphy can’t wait to tell us how he earned 3 man cards in one night.

More from teachers on how to spell, learn and remember everything.

We want your recommendations on the best psychological thriller movies

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Linda Harageones
Linda Harageones
3 years ago

I’m the worst speller in the world! While in high school (over 50 years ago), we had a spelling list called the “No Miss 50”. This spelling test had fifty of the most misspelled words EVER! Not only did it focus specifically on the spelling, but on the use (grammar) of the word. Here are some of the words:
Separate (hint: At what rate can pa separate?)
to, too, two
there, their, they’re
thorough (tho rough – as it was scratchy to be thorough)
(Sorry, don’t remember the rest!)
Oh-by the way- I enjoy your show and following all your (daily) adventures!!!!!

3 years ago

I drive a school bus for Denham high and jr high my kids and I listen to you guys every morning. I take my five year old grandson to school afterwards for the carpool line and I can honestly say we all enjoy you guys love you keep up the good work. I only wish I could call in sometime or answer to some of the things y’all talk about but of course I can’t cause I’m moving precious cargo

Valerie Kugler
Valerie Kugler
3 years ago

Teacher tricks…
When I was a child, my dad loved classical music. I hated it but was forced to listen to it. I have always been really good at Math. Came to find out while earning my degree in Accounting, that Classical music stimulates the part of your child’s brain that is needed to do Math well. Since I learned that, I tell everyone I talk to that has a child having difficulty with Math. My daughter had a huge block in her brain when doing Math. She would always end up in tears over it. I bought her a CD with Classical music on it and told her to listen to it while doing her homework. And before she knew it, she was mastering everything but Geometry. And the reason she had trouble with Geometry is because she was born with a lazy left eye that caused her to basically be blind in that eye. So having only one good eye to view the Geometry problems just didn’t work. She was physically unable to see parts of the problems that required depth perception. And on a good note…she is now a musician who can play any instrument she pics up, thanks to listening to Classical music.

On the mayo blends: We used to make what we called fry sauce at the deli/gas stations in Orofino, Id. It was Ketchup/Mayo/and Worcestershire sauce. I have found that the Worcestershire sauce is what everyone leaves out in the store bought brands. The Worcestershire sauce is what gives the fry sauce it’s zip. Just thought you would like to know that Sam. Just add a little to taste. It makes all the difference.

OMG Murphy, 2 hours to replace a battery? Time to buy a different car. Generally though, when you think it’s the battery, it could simply be a loose battery cable. Tighten them first and fill the battery with water and see if that doesn’t do the trick. It could save a lot of money. Just a thought.

Love you guys.

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