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AFTER THE SHOW: Pics, Pretty Please

“It drives me nuts to have to ask our kids for this. I don’t understand.” -Jodi 🤔

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It’s summertime and Jodi isn’t dealing well with her kids leaving for their summer trips. One comes back and the other leaves!

How to help a turtle across the street.

Elton John’s reaction to watching his own movie.

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Valerie Kugler
Valerie Kugler
3 years ago

I’m with you Jody. My daughter is 30 something years old, married with kids. I stalk her FB page but she never posts pics of her kids. She is my only child and we have a good relationship. I know she is busy being wife, mom, cook, artist, etc, but I still have to ask her for pics of my grand kids. It is irritating. She should know, I want to see them. They live almost 3 hours from me. They don’t come visit. And I can’t afford to go visit them. We talk via text most of the time, but not often. It’s tough being a grandma and living alone sometimes. I guess this is what we get for raising independent children. All we can do is ask.

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