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All 3 of us are about to start binge watching the same show this weekend 🙃

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It’s a Grateful Friday! Let us know what little and big things you’re grateful for in your life.

Game of Thrones fans: you might actually get the ending that you want!

Producer Bailey didn’t believe what the vet told him he could do with his dog, Hank.

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Stephanie Davison
Stephanie Davison
1 year ago

Started binge-watching an oldie: Merlin. I used to work 12-hr night shifts, different nights each week, and just couldn’t commit to anything, except The Walking Dead. Now that I have retired, I am catching up! So far I’ve binged Bates Motel, Criminal Minds (but all Netflix has is through Season 12, darn it) I,Zombie, Once Upon a Time, and now Merlin, which I’m loving. I just grab my crochet hook and yarn and a cup of hot tea or hot chocolate and I’m good to go!

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