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Murphy & Sam have a secret language – and Jodi can’t understand it.

Want to hear more?

Why does your dog have the zoomies and even more so in the cold weather?

Murphy is smitten with another girl!

Sam has a new doorbell camera and he’s already regretting it because of what he’s seeing on it.

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Sharon Husmann
Sharon Husmann
1 year ago

Absolutely love you all! You make me laugh everyday! The CB talk this morning reminded me of something. I was very close with all my aunts (my mom’s sisters) and when I had my first daughter I was about 30 miles from the town my mom and most of her sisters lived in so when my mom got the call I was at the hospital in labor she of course called her sisters and off they went to the hospital. When they got there they were all laughing (there were 4 of them) because my aunt Oleta was driving and on her CB telling everyone to get out the way “we’re having a baby” Mind you all of these women were in their late 50’s or 60’s with gray hair. They’re all gone now but I laugh every time I think of that.

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