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After the Show Podcast: Mamma’s Girl.

Guess who’s coming between Murphy & Jodi!😮❤

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Mendy Clark
Mendy Clark
2 years ago

I love listening to your show year-round but especially at Christmas. You guys are great! I just have one thing I wanted to mention from the show on December 17th with Santa. Y’all were talking with Santa about the “naughty and nice” list and Santa was asked what happens when a child is on the naughty list. He responded by saying the child would not get what he wanted for Christmas. I literally cringed when I heard this. There are so many children who will wonder why Santa didn’t bring them what they wanted and may think it’s because they were “naughty” even if they are good kids. I don’t want to seem like a Scrooge, but I do wish there was some way for kids to realize that being naughty isn’t usually the reason they aren’t getting what they want for Christmas; that is is more than likely circumstances they have no control over. Thanks for all y’all do and I hope the whole team has a Merry Christmas!

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