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After the Show Podcast: Not today

What went WRONG with Murphy’s MRI?! Was is Jodi’s fault?😬

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Barb Hahn
Barb Hahn
2 years ago

Murphy, I’m sorry that the MRI won’t work for you. But if you feel that the pain is really caused by some sort of problem in your neck, I wonder if you have seen a Chiropractor? It is very non-invasive and extremely effective and if you see someone who uses the an Activator, there is no “bone crunching”. They will take x-rays & ours can even access x-rays from our medical doctor to see where the problem might be and if they will be able to correct it. They are very effective in helping with headaches. Before making an adjustment there are specific tests that they will do by having you move your arms & legs to show them exactly what they need to do to correct the misalignment. They then use a small hand held tool to gently move the vertebra(s) that are causing the problem Just twisting the wrong way or a minor bump can cause a misalignment. Please Google Activator Method for a good explanation of what it does and to also to find Chiropractors in your area. The Doctor (they have as many years of training as a medical doctor, but a lot more training in the mechanics of the body than most doctors) we see uses one type called an Impulse, which they feel is the most effective. It is worth trying & so much easier and sometimes more effective than physical therapy. After an adjustment, they may recommend a PT so you can strengthen the muscles & ligaments which will help your body stay aligned. Ours can do a referrals for insurance purposes, so you don’t need to see your doctor first.

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