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AFTER THE SHOW PODCAST: Sam’s crystal ball

Predictions! What businesses will be forever changed after Coronavirus? 😲

Want to hear more?

More Shout-outs to essential workers who are keeping it all together these days.

Jodi noticed something about Murphy on a video call that she hadn’t seen before.

We’ll let you know how you can look better on your video calls now that we’re all on those more.

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Mary Krom
Mary Krom
1 year ago

I agree we should board back of plane first. The reason it changed was for overhead compartment space

Don't want to get fired so not saying
Don't want to get fired so not saying
1 year ago

I would love it if you guys would do a show on drive thru etiquette. While so many people are on a two month staycation, the rest of us are working our butts off to serve you. Many of us have multiple jobs and we are tired! The first and most important rule – Do NOT yell “Hello” at the speaker box! Trust me -we know you are there. There are probably only a few of us inside doing our best to get your orders together (orders for 20 people in one car…) Speak clearly – do not mumble, do not rush, do not order from the passenger side of the car or the backseat, face the speaker when talking (not the back seat). Pay attention – if the line moves, you move. Don’t have your head buried in your phone. Put the phone down and speak to us when at the speaker or the window. Don’t be rude and ignore us. You were the one that got into the drive thru line. Don’t act like we are interrupting you. Be patient. Be kind. That is very appreciated.

Susan Palomo
Susan Palomo
1 year ago

YEARS ago I was on a flight where they boarded window seats first, then middle and lastly aisle.
I thought it was brilliant – I hate CLIMBING over folks or have them climb over me. Boarding back to front is almost as good – at least during COVID.

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