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Jodi’s G-tube feeding lesson. “It’s not the feeding that’s hard – it is something else that was tough.”

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Jodi learned something difficult over this Thanksgiving

How did Sam’s Thanksgiving tradition that no one remembers go this year?

Tell us the Christmas song that means the most to you.

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Jen Dougal
Jen Dougal
1 year ago

My son is 15 years old and has been tube fed his whole life. Not only was he born with multiple disabilities, but at 5 months old he suffered strokes in each frontal lobe in his brain. This resulted in Cerebral Palsy. He lost the ability to eat orally, along with other things. In order to spread G-tube Awareness, I have fed my son in many places that are…atypical. For instance, inside the play train at the Fort Wayne Children’s Zoo! I commend you for learning how to feed Hope, which in turn will feed your relationship with both her and her parent(s).

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