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Jodi cracks the guys open about why its hard to be a man. 😮❤👌

Want to hear more?

What food shortage we may be looking at during the holidays.

Sam will let you know which one of his teenagers is trying to get their business off the ground and, of course, what help will be requested of him.

Did Murphy forget a very important date coming up this Friday?

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Lexi Lagan
1 year ago

Hey there guys! I was listening to the after the show podcast this afternoon and really felt like I needed to share! I don’t think the “need to be on the ball all the time” thing is a guy or gal thing, but rather a certain type of competitive-ness and lack of compassion for self. I suffer from being critical of myself all the time because of my job. I am an Olympic Team member, and I can promise you, many other athletes will say they are their own biggest bullies. I think the lack of compassion is commonly fear-driven. For example, if you win this next competition, you will continue to get the benefits you’ve worked for years on, but IF you lose because you weren’t 100% on for this competition, this round, this minute, this second… you could loose your support (funding, coaching, housing), your dream of going to the Olympics that you and everyone around you have worked toward for four plus years, you could loose your career. There’s a lot of pressure! I’m sure there are many people that can relate to some extent. The way that I’m learning to live with this (NOT OVERCOME OR FORCE IT AWAY) is to separate thoughts I have from who I am. My thoughts are not me. They are things that my brain comes up with from time to time and what I do with them, how I act of them, are truly what defines me. I then also have to have compassion for myself. Some of those thoughts are really mean. Think of it this way: would you say what you think about yourself to your friend? Would you tell them how dumb they are for forgetting the word “jelly”? Probably not, so saying it to yourself is not helping you out either! I love that Murphy is using meditation to help with this. One other this I would try is mindfulness (it’s like meditation, but with direction on how to work through thoughts and feelings). It has helped me become so much more aware of my thoughts and separating them from what is really happening. I know it’s a bit long-winded, but I hope this may help! I love you guys, and hope you have a great day! Love, Lexi

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