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Sam’s rock solid, best ever advice for Murphy & Jodi’s daughter Taylor as she starts college. 😃

Your best advice for a kid who’s about to experience their first semester of college.

Sam is going to help Murphy and Jodi with their new neighborhood coyote.

What to do when your kids are given the option of going to school or going to school

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Pam Powell
Pam Powell
1 year ago

I have been listening to you all for several months and totally enjoy listening to your experiences with life itself as I am driving to work!
I had hip replacement surgery on the 13th and recovery at home and came across this pod cast!! Miss hearing you all!

Sonia Smith
Sonia Smith
1 year ago

I assume Taylor will have online classes. Please encourage her to get up and get dressed for school. Wash your face. Comb your hair. Put on some make up. Pick an uncomfortable place to set up the computer for class. There is nothing worse than your professor looking at a room full of students with bed head, lounging on a bed somewhere, and dozing on and off out of boredom. Encourage her to look engaged and look casually professional. It’s good practice for when she has to do this at her work place!

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