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After the Show Podcast: What’s in the Box??!! šŸ˜²

What OTHER goodies arrived WITH Baby Yoda?!šŸ¤šā¤šŸ˜®

We dig in and share the sweet letter.šŸ™

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2 years ago

Look at his butt !!!
I crochet this Child. My great grandmother also crochet everything. I started crocheting when I was 12, only a blanket. 18 mos. ago my granddaughter wanted a crochet bear so…. YouTube taught me. Now I get requests for lots of different things. If you you want to just look Iā€™m on Facebook under Tammy Hayes crochet. Theresa is a very sweet thoughtful person, Theresa sent me this link. My daughter Becky loves you guys! All these compliments are going to my head!
Thank you Theresa this made my year

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