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Who’s inappropriate on video conference meetings? M, S or J? 😬

How Murphy and Jodi’s daughter has a decision to make this week that will make or break Jodi’s mood.

Do kids even care about class rings anymore?

Sam’s got 3 crockpots that he can’t get rid of.

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Renee Palmer
Renee Palmer
1 year ago

Everyone should know how to parallel park, it’s not that hard. I can parallel park a semi truck, so all you others can park your vehicle . I will definitely make sure my son knows how to. My dad always made me back in everywhere I went, make sure your front is out, you may need a jump one day and your battery will be out so it’s rite there to hook the cables up. I always park with the front out, it has been helpful such as, I work in gas and oil, you are not aloud to pull in on pads, you always back in, incase of emergency on pad everyone can just pull out and not worry about backing out in a hurry.

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