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AFTER THE SHOW: Squeamish Much?

Jodi learned a LITTLE about what life is like for a special needs parent. 🙏

Want to hear more?

Jodi and Murphy have found a game they can’t play together.

The Tim Tams that Sam was given for his birthday are already gone! And he didn’t even get to enjoy them!

Jodi can’t believe what her cousin did in front of her while visiting over the weekend! No one else saw!

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Jodi Williams
Jodi Williams
2 years ago

Since I met my husband almost thirty years ago his family plays the SCAT card game, or 31, at family gathering. He has seven brothers and two sisters, plus spouses, cousins, grandchildren etc. They all join in and it’s a big table. Some are quite competitive. The best was when our quiet, soft spoken, new daughter-in-law beat the oldest brother (uncle) who is so competitive and hates to lose. Best year ever.

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