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Was Murphy wrong to bring this up when Piggy the Pug died this week?

Want to hear more?

Jodi made a mistake ordering groceries that she wants no one else to make.

Murphy and Jodi have news from their dog pack at home.

Surprise: Sam’s Single and unwilling to mingle.

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Nancy Brzozowski
Nancy Brzozowski
3 years ago

Jodie and Murphy, we feel your pain. Our darling little poodle-rescue died a month after Hurricane Michael. For everyone here it was scary and stressful evacuating not knowing what we would find when/if we could return. Our baby girl was with us every minute of every day for 8 years, giving and receiving love! When she died the last day of hurricane season, it was a shock and heartbreak. Her passing was unexpected, she died in our arms as we rushed her to her Vet. Test results showed she had liver cancer. We are still reeling, missing her in our lives, but always in our hearts!

Crystal Warren
Crystal Warren
3 years ago

I wish I could upload a photo I saw today…you mentioned the paw print from the vet for piggy.
I saw a photo of taking your dogs food dish, putting their collar around it with their dog tags and planting a live plant in the bowl to remind you of the “life giving love” that they always showed you and as you see the plant you will always remember the love you had for Piggy.
Just wanted to share with you both. Sorry for your loss…fur babies are the best.

Heather HyreCieutat
Heather HyreCieutat
3 years ago

I’m one of the graveyard CSR for an ER Vet Hospital and we get a lot of late night, middle of night, early morning calls/visits of pets that need euthanasia due to age/health/injury. I always let the caller know what we offer and the price, due to us being an ER Veterinary Hospital, so it’s not a shock on top of the shock that “its time” for the decision for their baby. It happens every night on every shift for me. I cry with strangers for their loss, so do the nurses as well. But to question pricing isn’t a bad thing. I also shopped around for funeral homes when my husband suddenly died. It’s not something you really prepare for, death & what to do with the body. Some people come in and want to make their baby comfortable till they can get to their vet, which can be done, so it’s just another option. My Rena pug is almost 14, blind and soon it will be time. I’m still wondering, if it happens during the day, do we go to our regular vet or will I take her into work?

3 years ago

I love your radio programming. I think you are awesome at what you all do. I love how real and transparent you are. But I have to be honest Jodi, your love of animals is even more appealing to me. I currently have 5 dogs and a cat. I lost two dogs this past year. My son worked nights in an industrial area and witnessed someone dumping a dog. He called and brought Nohea home. We had her for a little more than 3 years. She developed seizures suddenly. Before we could get her meds regulated, she had 2 Grand Mal seizures. Sometimes it takes a bit for all their capacities to return. Hers didn’t and we made the painful decision to go to the overnight emergency vet. Not knowing what to expect I was pleasantly surprised. I was alone with her. When I left , I just sat in the parking lot and cried. I sat there for more than an hour. It wasn’t the first time, but somehow I felt like a failure questioning everything leading up to it and what could have been done differently. Nohea rests in a beautiful urn in my living room for my son when he is ready. Thankfully Highway just went to sleep. We knew. We expected it and I couldn’t talk about it for nearly 6 weeks. Highway was found in the middle of nowhere. He was running circles around his friend who had been hit and killed by a car. It was a hot Florida afternoon. He was foaming at the mouth and dehydrated. When we stopped, my son got out of the truck and he just jumped in. Well, that was that. When we were about a mile from my house, I called my husband told him it was a long story and asked if he would meet me in the driveway with a leash. (At this time I had 10 dogs already, 4 fosters). He met me in the driveway. Never questioned my decision. We named him Highway, bathed him, fed and watered him, made him a special bed. He was not chipped. No response to posters online 6 counties wide. We assumed he was someones old hunting dog based on the area we were in. Hoping it was just a dumping. He was estimated around 13 – 14 years old. We kept him because I was afraid he would live out his life or be euthanized at the county shelter. Highway was home. He lived 2+great years with us. Having Highway has changed my perception a bit at 50 years old. My future dogs will be the oldies, the special needs, the overlooked dogs. My sincere condolences to your family on the loss of Piggy. Sorry for rambling. PS. Thanks for being an animal advocate.

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