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AFTER THE SHOW: The Juggle Struggle

Has Sam’s social life has taken a back seat the kid’s schedule?


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Halloween extravaganza! Last minute costumes you can make from your own closet.

Why Jodi feels strongly about taking pictures on Halloween.

More of your real life ghost stories.



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Letha Grandy
Letha Grandy
3 years ago

Hi, gang. I love to listen to you guys in the morning on my way to school. It makes my day before I am faced with my 5th graders. I teach school now but, in 1993 I was a 911 telecommunicator and my late husband was with the SC Highway patrol. We had lived away for 9 years and transferred back home to Spartanburg to help take care of his dad. While we waited to build a house next to his parents we rented the main ranger house at Cowpens National Battlefield. I worked night shift 8pm to 8am and my husband and two children had left for school and work. We had a yellow labrador and he loved to sleep at the foot of the bed with me. After walking him we came in, I locked the back door, checked the kitchen door and went down the hall to go to bed until school was out. I was in the bed and our dog was laying across my feet when he popped his head up, started a low growl and the hair stood up on his back. There was a strong wind coming through the door. My first thought was one of the kids went out the front door and did not shut it as I knew I had checked the den and kitchen door. I got up and our dog got between me and the door and would not let me out in the hall. The wind was extremely cold and strong and suddenly stopped. I could feel a person standing in the doorway and was backing up to get my gun out of the drawer when it got real bright like a light and then just disappeared. Our dog calmed down and I went to check the doors and all 3 were closed and locked. I had always heard of people seeing soldiers around but never thought much about it. I wasn’t scared but knew that a ghost had visited. I never saw or heard anything else while we lived there. I guess there are such things and I definitely had a visit or maybe just one passing through. There was no shape just wind and a light. Thank you all for being great DJs and I enjoy the show.

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