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Who gave Murphy a surprise, heartfelt apology – and WHY?? 🙏

Want to hear more?

What are your new teen driving rules?

Sam might have to stay out of home improvement stores forever now.

Murphy is doing something crazy with his batmobile.

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Lori Stone
Lori Stone
3 years ago

This is a response to new teen driving rules.
My three kids are all in their 20’s. It’s been a rule when they started driving to inform me to where they were going and to let me know when they arrived at their destination. Last Sunday my 21 year old went to have lunch with some friends two cities away. They decided to extend their visit by going bowling, she texted me to let me know. This rule goes both ways. When my husband and I go on a trip, I text them our arrival. It’s just second nature to keep everyone informed ( and to keep mom calm). I agree with Jodi, every bad thought will go through my mind if I didn’t hear from them. That’s a mom’s job, isn’t it?

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